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Terms & Conditions


The following main terms and conditions are for the members who wish to shop with by using their Credit/Debit Cards from https://www.biggbrandsb2b.com

It is the members’ / Users’ responsibility to read, understand and follow all of the terms and conditions both down below this paragraph and on the catalogue web site at the address:


Please note that changes to the, Biggbrandsb2b Catalogue web site may occur at any time and without prior notification to the members’ / Users’. In this regard members’ / Users’ are required to monitor the https://www.biggbrandsb2b.com web site for any possible changes.

When placing an order, please note the following information about the products:

All items / rewards come in under their individual producers ' / importers ' guarantees and warranty conditions.

All items / rewards are limited by stocks.

Changes in VAT, SCT rates, as well as all changes in tax and customs legislation, may result in changes in Money charges.

Our company cannot be held responsible for typographic errors (on product names, prices, properties).

Please note that there may be differences in the model / color / design of the items. In this case Biggbrandsb2b and / or its partners send you an alternative item.

Delivery Address

The delivery address of the item must be within the specified region that Biggbrandsb2b (Biggbrands) Has announced.

BiggbrandsB2B (Biggbrands) cannot be held responsible for the failure to deliver items to the customer the following addresses for any reason;

  1. Hotels
  2. Cargo agencies / branches
  3. Airports
  4. Only home or office address’ s information is required in the address field. Thank you for your understanding.

In the Biggbrands web site, BiggbrandsB2B (Biggbrands) reserves the right to remove any item, exchange an existing item with an alternative one, add a new item, or prices value of any item in the catalogue, anytime.

Please check the items to see if there is any damage or missing parts after you sign the Cargo Courier submission form to accept the delivery. Unless there is a visible problem in the cargo package, cargo’ s cannot be opened without taking delivery. After you sign the Cargo Courier submission form and receive the item, you can check the contents with the courier, and in case of any damage detection, you can take ‘cargo report’ and start the necessary legal procedures. Record should be done at the time of delivery.

If the product you requested is different with the product delivered, or if the product is damaged, please return the product to the Cargo courier. Missing or damaged product complaints will not be accepted after the products are received.

All items come in under their individual producers' / importers' guarantees and warranty conditions. In case of any defect after receipt of the product, customers must contact the official manufacturer or authorized dealer and / or authorized service department.

You can return the product you have purchased within 14 days from the date of delivery without destroying/damaging the original box.

For any inquiries or questions regarding your BiggRewards account, please contact BiggbrandsB2B (Biggbrands)


  • All items / come in under their individual producers ' / importers ' guarantees and warranty conditions.
  • We recommend that you apply to the official aftersales service branches of the brands or importer companies for defective or non-working merchandise and get a report defining the status of the problem. Your application to our company shall be considered in light of the reports given by those official aftersales service branches of the brands or importer companies.
  • All customers who do shopping at www.biggbrandsb2b.com are subject to accept the Warranty & Returns & Cancellations rules as follows:

o   You can always return the items within 14 days after you have received them. Please contact BiggbrandsB2B (Biggbrands) You may request a refund under the following conditions. Please do not return the product without contacting us and get confirming.

  • Returns must be unused and in original box / packaging. All standard accessories must be sent complete and undamaged.
  • Delivery Note previously delivered with the product must be delivered to the Cargo for the product return process.
  • Please send the items with the same courier company that you have received it.
  • New products are shipped to customers in return for return requests accepted by BiggbrandsB2B (Biggbrands).
  • In case a member / user requests a cancel for an order, Money will be paid to their account at the latest 1 month after the cancellation process is finalized.

Return Policy for Special Products:

Once you have made your return intact the following products; such as ELECTRONICS, MOBILE PHONES, COMPUTER etc., please observe the following conditions if you would like to return them within 14 days.

  • For telephones, cameras, computers, portable and video electronic devices; the product and / or packaging package / package / gelatin of the product package must not be opened. The protection tape on the screen of the product should not be removed in any way. There must be no scratches, damages, bumps, liquid contact, etc. on the product display or any other part of the appliance. Otherwise, the return will not be accepted.
  • All kinds of Cosmetic Products and Personal Care Products, all kinds of software, All kinds of CPU (CPU) Program, DVD, VCD, CD and Cassette, Computer and Stationery consumables (toner, cartridge, ribbon, etc.) packing box / parcel / gelatin must be unopened and in no way unused. Otherwise, the return will not be accepted
  • All kinds of Hygienic products (such as underwear) cannot be returned in any way.
  • Products that may present a health hazard or are not to be reused after opening (such as any product that requires one-to-one contact with the body during use) cannot be returned in any way.
  • Consumers' special wishes or products that are clearly prepared in accordance with their personal needs which are not suitable for return, are in danger of rapid deterioration or are likely to pass the expiry date cannot be returned.
  • All kinds of FOOD products cannot be returned in any way.
  • Periodicals such as newspapers and magazines cannot be returned in any way.
  • The products that their prices determined in the stock market or other organized markets (gold group) cannot be returned in any way.
  • Gift Vouchers (Printed and / or Digital Checks / Codes / Discount Coupons) cannot be returned in any way.

In the case of defective products, you must first apply to the Authorized Technical Service of the respective manufacturer or importer. The applications you will make to our company will be evaluated in the light of the REPORTS that the Authorized Technical Services hold.



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